Every Day Eco- Crushing Climate Goals

💥 Crushing Climate Goals

Every Day Eco is a 2-minute read, curated with uplifting news, eco-friendly tips, and global stories in hopes that it will bring you some happiness and inspiration. Only the good stuff! ✨

Solar Panels

RENEWABLE REVOLUTION: In the 2030s, all fossil fuels need to be either made redundant by choice, or replaced with renewable energy – and quickly, too. But making them cheap isn’t enough, we need to ensure that renewables are not produced in the same exploitative manner as our energy from the past. But here’s the good news: the renewal energy revolution can be an experience so delightful and enriching that we rush towards it with open arms.


CLIMATE LEADERS: It’s time for the business world to declare a climate emergency. B Corps like Allbirds and Patagonia are leading on the climate crisis, but it’s still not enough.

REFRESHED LOOK: We love this simple natural dye guide, which uses seasonal summer berries to create a rich purple colour – it’s a great technique to refresh tired or worn clothes and textiles, giving them a fun new look.

CRUSHING CLIMATE GOALS: It’ll be another decade until the world’s nations and firms are evaluated for the United Nations 18 Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDG). Much to the delight of global conservationists, however, Pakistan has already met the criteria for SDG 13, which calls on nations to take urgent action against climate change and its effects.

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