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Greta’s HUGE Donation

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Outgrowing Growth

OUTGROWING GROWTH: Many are coming around to the idea that quality of life, not GDP, should be our measure of success. Our blind belief in growth is enriching the rich and killing the planet. If we want a shot at climate stability and a world built on justice, not exploitation in the 2030s and beyond, we need to shift to post-growth economic policies.

CLIMATE-FRIENDLY COOLING: According to the UN, coordinated international action on energy-efficient, climate-friendly cooling could avoid as much as 460 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – roughly equal to eight years of global emissions at 2018 levels – over the next four decades.

20 Millin Trees

20 MILLION TREES: 2 million people in India gathered to plant 20 million trees along the river Ganges – all while social-distancing. This government-led mass tree-planting campaign is part of the government’s pledge to shade a third of the nation under tree cover by 2030.


GRETA’S HUGE DONATION: The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has just awarded Greta Thunberg its Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity, which comes with an award of 1 million euros. And, in true Greta Thunberg fashion, she is donating all of the winnings to organizations who are fighting for a sustainable world.

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